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  • tree with candles and carving

    A Message from our Jarl

    Join us with a short message from our Jarl reflecting back on a year marked by perseverance, community, and kinship.

  • picture of a Viking shield with a man holding some money

    Fundraising Update for 2022

    Through our fundraising efforts, we raised a total of $11,958 to support our charitable purpose of preserving the rich history of the Vikings.

  • Viking dugout turf house

    Raising Money to Buy Land

    We are raising money to purchase land in the Mat-Su to use as the site of our open-air historical museum and campground.

  • stone ring

    Walking the Earth in Search of Home

    This has been an exciting year as we finally got the chance to walk through some different properties for sale in the Mat-Su Borough.

  • stone formation

    Charitable Recognition

    The IRS recognized Asgard Alaska Incorporated as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization in March 2022.