Our Vision

Asgard Alaska Incorporated was formed for the charitable and educational purposes of educating, entertaining, and inspiring Alaskans to come together for activities in the history-centric environments we create. This is not just our vision; this is our way.


Norse and Viking cultures have a particularly fascinating mythological history. In Old Norse mythology, Asgard was a realm where the Aesir gods lived and was the home of Valhalla. Valhalla was an enormous hall where slain heroes feast with the Gods and do battle. Similarly, the real-world history of Viking accomplishments is equally stunning. Vikings were among the first non-indigenous settlers of North America more than a thousand years ago. The legacy and impact of their early settlements can still be seen and visited throughout many parts of the world.

Asgard Alaska’s vision is to create places where all who desire to learn about these old cultures can come together and experience Alaska’s majestic wilderness in settings that recreate the glory of civilizations long past.


Participation in our events fosters history education in a safe, fun, outdoor setting where guests learn about ancient civilizations and experience the ways they lived. Asgard Alaska brings history to life with the sights and sounds of historical civilizations coming alive through music, laughter, children playing, cooking, and campfires. Anyone can read a book about history or watch a movie about it. Asgard’s experience will leave an indelible impression on the public as they observe, live, and experience the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings firsthand.

The Settlement

The open-air museum will include a realistic Viking settlement, historic art recreations, and cultural exhibits. Volunteers and staff will create or acquire most of the exhibits. Members and guests will be invited to dress and participate in activities the Vikings participated in. Some examples of these activities are cooking, archery, blacksmithing, swordplay, festivals, and more. Additionally, a large Viking longhouse will be constructed on the property where special events will be held.

Once the grounds are complete, school groups, scouting troops, historical re-enactment groups, and other organizations will be welcomed to use the space for tours, camps, and retreats in Asgard Alaska’s unique environment. A campground will also provide tent sites and unique Viking turf houses/cabins for overnight guests. Furthermore, for those who like to wander, RV sites will be available for our mobile guests. These sites will blend in so they do not interfere with the immersive Viking experience.

The Dream

Asgard Alaska aims to become a one-of-a-kind attraction which combines Alaskans’ love of the outdoors with an enriching and entertaining immersive experience with Norse culture. With your support, Asgard Alaska will gain renown as one of the premier attractions in all of Alaska.

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