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In the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, a unique saga is unfolding, and you’re invited to play a pivotal role. Asgard Alaska isn’t just an undertaking; it’s a vibrant tapestry woven from the dreams and dedication of visionaries like you. From inspired dreamers and erudite scholars to masterful planners and skilled builders, our community is a diverse coalition of talents and passions. Whether you’re an archer with an eye for accuracy, a craftsman with hands skilled in ancient arts, or a digital warrior who can wield social media like a sword, there’s a place for you here. All are welcome.

Join us in this grand adventure and carve your name in the annals of history. Choose your path by clicking the links below – each one a gateway to new experiences and timeless stories. Embrace the call of Odin and become part of a legend that’s not just being told, but also being lived.

As our saga grows, so does our need for unique talents and skills. This presents unique and engaging opportunities for people like you to get involved. Periodically, we’ll seek heroes endowed with specific abilities to help us tackle new challenges and reach greater heights. That’s why you should watch this page for calls to action, complete with all you need to know to embark on this epic journey.

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    We are actively seeking partner organizations and sponsors who would like to help design and build a space we can share.

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    As a public charity, we rely on charitable donations in addition to grants, fees, and revenue from other sources to support our activities.

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