Learning and Activities

We are committed to helping people learn more about Viking and Old Norse culture and Alaska’s magnificent outdoors. Outside activities in our living Viking village invite you to immerse yourself and use all of your senses to experience how they lived. You will gain a greater understanding of what it means to be connected to the land and to your own power by participating in activities of the Old Norse civilization. Come to the wilds of Alaska and find yourself in our safe, fun, inclusive, educational setting.

Asgard Alaska will include a realistic Viking settlement, including a longhouse, longship, blacksmith, bakery, pit-house, poultry house and marketplace. Think of it like a living, outdoor museum and campground. Guests, who may choose to stay overnight in one of our authentic Viking cabins, will have an unforgettable experience to carry with them. Others may take advantage of our more primitive campgrounds while partaking of our evening and nighttime activities.

wooden viking fortifications
Traditional viking skyfall village

Cultural Exhibits

Cultural exhibits are at the heart of what we do. Watch a blacksmith forge an axe head or craft a helmet. See a baker baking traditional Viking bread. Watch the longboat as it goes out onto the lake. Listen to our storytellers bring history to life. Learn how Old Norse populations created textiles. Or cheer for your favorite Viking warrior as they square off against each other in time-honored games of skill and solo combat. 

As exciting as being a spectator is, it’s even better when you can be part of the action. Sign up for classes in blacksmithing, baking, axe throwing, and shield wielding. Above all, we want Asgard’s beneficiaries to become a part of the Viking tradition. Specifically, to learn and appreciate what it was like to live during the pinnacle of the Norse civilization. 

wooden viking carving of thor
wooden Viking carving of thor odinson

Create Viking Art

Observe traditional crafts such as woodworking or metalworking by volunteers who enjoy sharing their methods and tools with others and learn how different fabrication methodology has changed over time.  

Learn how Vikings used their artistic skills to make everyday objects more aesthetic. Vikings mastered the art of relief carving and engraving. They worked in wood, stone, and amber, and their textile arts featured beautiful tapestries woven in vivid colors. Moreover, the Viking world was as vibrant as their infamous marauding. You can even take part in releasing your inner Viking through art.

stone monument to Odin in the woods
“Ode to Odin” concept, digital art by Glen Kratochvil, via Dall-E 2


Sharpen your skills as an archer as you walk the grounds of our archery trail. Take aim at targets of different types at varying distances as you immerse yourself in an artistic Viking landscape backed by Alaska’s natural wonder. If you’re not ready for the trail, learn archery on our range with one of our instructors. The simple instructions will allow you to hit the target within 15 minutes. 

Group Adventures

Asgard Alaska’s unique environment offers groups the opportunity to experience the Alaska outdoors in a totally different way. School groups, scouts, and other nonprofits are welcome to join us for a day or more of fun experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. 

Asgard Alaska is the best place to schedule your retreat. Businesses will want to schedule their team-building exercises with a Viking twist. Church groups are always welcome to improve the fellowship within their congregation on our grounds. With activities like fishing, archery, and axe-throwing, you’ll learn the way of the Viking and be able to bring it back with you to the real world. As always, members and guests are invited to dress and participate in activities the Viking activities. 

wooden viking dwellings
Viking village at the famous Walchensee in Bavaria, Germany

Creating the Dream

Asgard Alaska is all about doing some amazing things that remind us that we are capable human beings, our interconnectedness is a strength, and we deserve to know what it feels like to accomplish something while learning something new. 

We need you to make it work. Make a donation to help this dream become a reality. Volunteer your skills. Sign up for our newsletter below and be in the know as we come closer to making our Asgard a physical reality. 

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