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About Us

Asgard Alaska Incorporated was formed for the charitable and educational purposes of educating, entertaining, and inspiring Alaskans to come together for activities in the history-centric environments we create.

The first thing to know about us is that Asgard Alaska was born of a dream. It is the result of years of planning and research. Glen Kratochvil, Executive Director of Asgard Alaska, became an Alaskan resident and small business owner almost 20 years ago. He spent much of that time exploring Alaska, and enjoying the many outdoor recreational activities Alaska has to offer. Indeed, as an adventurer, a builder, and a visionary with a love for Viking culture and the outdoors, Mr. Kratochvil is highly motivated to see Asgard succeed in Alaska.

stone sword monument
Sverd i Fjell (“Swords in Stone”) Monument in Stavanger, Norway

Amanda Kratochvil, Glen’s wife and co-founder, has faithfully served the nonprofit sector for nearly 20 years. She currently works in administrative support for a nonprofit healthcare facility. She has also volunteered for a local sled dog racing organization for almost a decade, serves on various committees and in leadership roles, and is an active member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, the Alaska Bird Club, and the Alaska Pioneer Fruit Growers Association. Additionally, in her spare time, Amanda enjoys spending time in the Alaskan outdoors, including gardening, foraging, fishing, and backpacking.

Scott Kratochvil, Glen’s brother and co-founder, is a software engineer and professional writer. A world traveler with a love of language, he previously taught English in Prague. His relevant experience includes living and working on the Lady Washington, a replica of an 18th-century American tall ship and helping to rebuild a historic farm in Central Bohemia. An avid camper and hiker, he loves exploring the backcountry of America’s national parks. He is certainly well-suited to advance our cause.

Strength of three

The number three was sacred to many early civilizations, including the Norse. The valknut (pictured above) or “knot of those slain in combat,” is an Old Norse symbol of three interconnected triangles. It frequently appeared in memorials and historical artifacts of the time period. Like the interlocking triangles of the valknut, Asgard’s founders likewise comprise an impressive team with a wealth of experience and a great working relationship. These seasoned business professionals are well-connected and attuned to the needs of the community. Consequently, their work ethic and business acumen will be the key drivers that soon propel this venture towards a position of lasting success. Please contact us if there are other things you would like to know about us.

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    Our Vision

    Asgard Alaska is building a unique attraction combining Alaskans’ love of the outdoors with an enriching and immersive experience with Norse culture.

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    Board of Directors

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    Identity and Inclusion

    Asgard Alaska celebrates diversity and is proud to welcome all who have a love for history and the outdoors into our ranks.

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