Viking dugout turf house

Raising Money to Buy Land

Asgard Alaska began a fundraising campaign to purchase real estate in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough which will be the site for our open-air historical museum and campground. We are currently shopping in the areas of Willow, Houston, Big Lake, and Wasilla, and estimate that cost of 40-80 acres of waterfront property with year-round road access will be approximately $240,000.

Not all land is created equally, and the location is important. In addition to the fundraising, we are also searching for a safe place with varied types of terrain to accommodate all the fun activities we have planned. Here are some features we want to see in the land we build on. It has to be:

  • Accessible by road all year round
  • Connected to a body of water or river/stream
  • Made up of land that isn’t mostly wetlands
  • Large enough to accommodate several different activities
  • Near enough to be accessible by a sizeable population
  • Remote enough to not disturb the neighbors

If you are able to support our cause with a donation, please give here and help us bring history to life.

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