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Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

At Asgard Alaska, we understand the benefits of spending time outdoors. From seeing wildlife in its natural habitat to breathing in fresh, clean air, we love being outside. Like most Alaskans, we also know that finding an activity to do outside in the winter is essential to a higher quality of life and survival on the frontier.

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Improved Health and Fitness

Even if you live in a large house, it can be difficult to find enough space to get a good cardiovascular workout in. There are machines that can help, like a treadmill or a stationary bike, but most people get tired of those contraptions, letting them go unused after a few days.

Going outdoors provides lots of opportunity for physical fitness activities. In Alaska, a good hike is just minutes away by car, even in Anchorage. Because of our wildlife, majestic scenery, and dramatic light shows from the sun, stars, and the aurora borealis, every outdoor experience is different. Get outdoors and improve your health through increased physical activity. The best outdoor experiences make it easy to forget that you’re exercising.

Improved Mood

Being physically active allows your body to create endorphins. These chemicals trigger good feelings in your brain. You’ll smile more and see the brighter side of life. However, going outside and spending time in the sun also provides an additional boost for your mood.

Scientists don’t understand exactly how the sun helps improve your mood. Some think it has to do with Vitamin D production. Others believe that it helps regulate sleep patterns. Whatever the reason, people who get more sun feel better about their lives. Of course, it is important to wear sunscreen, especially in the Alaskan sun.

No Distractions

We are surrounded by screens everywhere we go. Smart phones have become our main form of entertainment. Televisions in restaurants and bars provide visual stimulation everywhere we go. Electronic billboards change their messages frequently. A new message chimes or vibrates in our pockets or on our watches. There are very few times when we can spend time alone, without the constant interruption of something trying to get our attention.

Simply being outside, with the phone off, gives us the opportunity to get away from the constant demands on our attention. Instead, we can take things slower, focus on what we choose to see, smell, touch, and experience.

Protect Vision

All of that screen time is harmful for your eyes. Just like the muscles in your arms and legs, your eyes need to work out. Getting outside provides your eyes the rest they need while giving them the opportunity to focus at different lengths. Natural light is also better for your vision.

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The Asgard Alaska Experience

At Asgard Alaska, we strive to provide experiences that will help people disconnect from the Internet and connect more to the life and world around them. Alaska’s glorious natural setting provides the perfect place to remember that we are human beings, who need to be able to concentrate on one thing at once. Inner peace can only come when we remove the outside distractions of everyday life. Experience the beauty that our state has to offer and internalize it for a better life.

Guests who stay with us at Asgard Alaska overnight will be able to experience Alaskan nights the way they were meant to be seen. During the summer, long hours of daylight will amaze those from out of state. As nights get longer, the clear view of the stars, the moon and the aurora borealis, when active, will create a sense of awe and a perspective that people can’t find in the night glare of electric lights of the city.

Additionally, visitors to Asgard Alaska are more likely to get the benefits of spending time outdoors after their experience with us when they pick up a new hobby, like traditional archery or axe throwing. These activities are exercise, even though they feel more like fun.

If we have forgotten any of your favorite outdoor activities, please use the comments box below to remind us and let us know what you like to do most while spending time outside in the wilderness. To keep informed about the work we’re doing and our activities, sign up below for our newsletter.

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